IRL (Irish Rural Link) Climate change

The excellent organisation held a well attended conference on Rural Ireland and what it can do about climate change in Athlone on May 27, 2019. This is a subject close to our heart.

A great review of lots of projects underway, lots of understanding of the extent of the problem. a nice presentation by Mr. Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner about what might be available in terms of financial supports down the road.

A very diverse group of attendees and all on the days when the ‘green swing’ in the EU parliament elections were being noticed and new MEP’s were being elected.

One small critique, no great call to action , from the speakers. The organisation itself is calling for a climate summit of all parties in Ireland to try to get behind some common goals. From there plans can be made.

Some key takeaways for us.. Electricity decarbonisation is not in the hands of the ?Irish Government but is being managed by EU.

Our main (our being Irish Government and citizens) action zones are in transport and agriculture. That is where the changes must occur.

Ireland is the worst in Europe at decarbonising its economy. We produce more tonnes of CO2 per head than most of our European colleagues.

Some disturbing thoughts. But we are an inventive people and will find a way to get in front of the pack and lead!

Part 3 of Building community

Project 3. Using the power of photographs, before and after agile project management,  to build a rural community and even to help to rebuild it. Using #5g technology, the #IoT, and building off other #smartcities type of projects to try to offer simple actionable projects for #smartrural communities to do. Here is the video.

Project 2 in community

So here we are with Video two , outlining a community project that can be used to help rebuild rural communities. Again we are looking at #smartrural, #smartcities #futureofwork, #tourism, #Iot to try to get a feeling for how these can help in communities.