Work and income generating

There are a great many subtitles in this area.

We can start with the basic idea of the traditional job. One where you get up, go to work, go home etc.

Then we have smart working where work is not really a place. Work is an agreement to use your skills in exchange for rewards. This can be based on the road- so called nomadic workers, in a shared or community facility, a company called we work is probably the largest example of this, but many more are getting involved too. And finally working from home for either all the hours that are in the exchange or for some hours and then going to a place (office, shared facility, coffee shop, conference, etc) to continue to work or to colocate with other team members to deliver the skills exchange required.

We also have then the idea of service providers or experience providers. This should be a growth market in #smartrural. The city dwellers all want to get out of the city and go to the country for the weekend. Of course this can be either a blessing or a curse. If they crowd the mountains and block the roads with their cars then no one is happy. However it can become an opportunity, albeit part time and casual, to use the demand to provide a service.

What do we see in this area, farm shops, fruit picking, animal feeding, horse riding, bike ways, mountain walks, guided tours to sites of interest, kiddies play areas. Not to mention sales of famers products, experiences in the countryside, seasonal adventures in the oudoors. All these have never been so easy to set up and market with platforms to host the experience, advertise it and collect the money on your behalf.

As we have travelled we have done rafting, horse riding, wine and cheese tasting, cooking including Ceviche, jams, bread, speciality salsas, bike riding, waterfall climbing, zip lining, tree climbing, rock collecting, fossil reading, snorkelling, birdwatching, animal identification, flower identification, harvest of grapes, potaotes, rice etc. Plus countless others. The important thing is that we as customers booked all these on line, and paid our money in advance. This gives the operators time to organise and get the infrastructure in place for the event. Prices are set based on numbers in a group and sometimes the trips did not happen if there was not sufficient interest (money) for the service providers. The booking process includes collection of contact phone numbers to allow for last minute changes (or cancellations) and the opportunity to share and review is built in.

Our pictures are taken and posted in so many locations on the social media as these business promote their offering into the crowded marketplace.

But it is the future. Platforms exist. Lets go

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