Innovation and development

A big mouthful of words and one that can immediately scare most people off! But it does not have to be frightening. Unless of course you want to reinvent google or something. Now that could be a bit of a tall order.

It could be argued that it is easier than before thanks to technology. and remember that is the point of smartrural, to use technology to assist us humans in the countryside so we can prosper and continue to enjoy to live in the place we love.

The first step, to my mind is to do something you don’t normally do. Change the channel if you will. If you ahve a routine say of having an evening meal and then having a watch of netflicks or your computer before going to sleep, then change it. Get up go someplace different and see what other people are doing. Go to the cinema, go to a restaurant, go to a hotel and see what is going on. Who is there, are they spending money, why are they there, could they be somewhere else, could you do anything to make them have a better experience (legally of course). Write it down. Do the same at the weekend, if you normally shop in one supermarket in local town, go someplace else. See what else is going on.

If you use online shopping do something else. Look for the craziest products on the internet. Write them down, talk to others about them. If you normally jsut say hi to your neighbours change it, ask them can they take a walk with you to the local corner store? Tell tehm about this stuff, listen if they have stories back.

Sign up for things you never did before. Change the thoughts in your head. The ideas will come. Most of the best ideas are so obvious when you see them first you can be sure you will believe someone is already doing them.

Do not have huge expectations. But do set a basic target of at least earning money for the time you invest pretty quickly.

Get a side gig. Help someone who has a side gig. Volunteer.

Write down any ideas you have of pain people feel or how something can make them have an easier life.

Change your news sources, if you read the paper of record, change it to another one, ideally selling more. IF you listen to the same radio show every day, change it, find one with more listeners and listen to that. Write down how you feel about it. See if these can be turned into solutions, because others probably have the same feelings needing solutions.

Listen to podcasts about start ups, go to any start up event you can. The energy is infectious (in a good way)

Don’ be afraid to fail, just write down what you learned and start again. Write down what you see for about 3 months, then review it. See are there any gems, are there any synergies with something from this month and something from last month

Development and innovation are jsut two words. Its not jsut for someone else. It can be you. Ask! watch, listen. Innovation can be tiny small little idea or improvement on existing one. Development is about getting that out so others can also use it. The trade is they then pay you for making it happen. Its a fair trade.

Get a mentor, ask someone you like or someone you think can add to your skills. Most people love to help other people. It is one of the most satisfying feelings.

Don’t become so secretive that you think you cant talk about your idea for fear someone else will steal it. The more you talk about it the more help you will get and also you will win the court case if lots of people heard you talking about it first!

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