Case Studies

Case 1

During a trade show in Berlin one of the many stands visited by the ambassador was a 200 person consultancy company. They are looking for project managers to assist them in German automotive projects but also in other English language projects. They had no contacts in Ireland and other than Linked-In, did not know how to target the market.

A follow up visit to Munich to their head quarters and a meeting with their inward recruitment team scoped out a project for both. The ambassador was to get proposals from a HR agency in each city of Ireland:- Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Within 3 weeks heads of agreement were in place for 2 HR companies and they are starting a targetted recruitment campaign.  The rest have now followed.

Each stakeholder will put €500 into the ambassadors expenses and then a finders fee for the first two recruited people per agency. After that it is a relationship with no further payment to the Ambassador. (unless we are asked to do more of course!)

Opportunity found and solved.  Close the file!



Case 2

At a recent show a food company in Ireland was displaying its range of excellent veal products. A discussion quickly arose about export opportunities to Europe where we have a senior ambassador.  These quickly identified that the key target market is more or less controlled by 5 companies. So that is where we are off to next, face to face with the buyers in these companies


Case 3

This will be a slightly harder project as we are trying to enter into the property support market in the UK. One of our clients guarantees 80% savings on energy bills in a property. Quite a challenge to deliver! Ideally this needs to go into commercial property as individual house owners would not be able to support the costs of the organisation that needs to be developed to grow this business.  So with this in mind a scout has come to the company to understand its success and its key sales factors. Then that will be shared and a mini project to establish targets and access will be developed.  It will be up to the client then to continue with our pool of scouts or to put their own business development person on the ground.