Who are we

We are made up of numerous Irish people who live and work as ex pats all over the world.  We have strong family and business connections to Ireland and are delighted to be part of Corporate Ambassador.

Our reason for working in this area is to help and assist Irish SME develop into markets.  We have contacts and languages so we can be of real help. However we also are busy so we will do introductions, give some advice and get you started. You are on your own then and your own services and products will have to stand up on their own two feet.

Depending on country and scouts we are from retailing, manufacturing, service, property, investment, distribution, and food backgrounds. We have a varied and successful career in many sectors. We are well traveled and believe that we can spot gaps in markets at 20 paces. Which is good! See our info video here. 

We can work for you anywhere in the world and German, French, Spanish and of course English (our Mother tongue) are languages in which we can research business opportunities. We have contacts in over 60 countries across the globe and can either use these to find more or just assist us in our efforts for you.

So we travel the world representing companies like yours as your ambassador. We learn what your company is about and as we visit various places we study similar businesses etc. We seek out opportunities for you. These can be cost saving, sales increasing, new raw material or other resource sourcing or just plain old productivity gains from better ideas or automation.

Our main methods are visiting trade shows, exhibitions and product launches. We also have contacts in over 60 countries. Finally the internet, social media and just being on the ground are all sources of information that we investigate for you. These are where we make contacts, share and gain information and then convert that into knowledge. If more comes from it then everyone wins, if not then you have invested a small amount of money and gained a huge amount of knowledge.

Given the need for business to keep resources on the job and to constantly stay in touch with developments in the industry we are well placed to act as ambassadors for you. As we do this for many companies our initial costs to you are rarely over €1500. All of which is completely tax sheltered as it is research! Imagine getting an ambassador to another part of the world to look for opportunities for you for €1500 or less.

Of course if something we find assists you then there is a significant charge by us to you, but you have to be winning first!

See a case study or dozen below!

Contact us at John@CorporateAmbassador.ie