Opportunity available

Funding sought for new TV series

A new TV series focussing on savings and the difficulties that people find in putting together a sum of money to fulfill or take a step in their life

Running in the style of the biggest losers and Home improvements the series will focus on the struggles and successes of 6 savers who are trying to build up their cash reserve

Typically this will be for a house, a flat, a car, a holiday, a cosmetic operation, a start up.

There will be a team of advisors including motivation people, accountants, HR advisor, a pushy boot camp person, a get rich quick advisor

Target is national and other TV.

Sponsors are banks, stock traders,  insurance companies, finance houses.

Needed: A letter from one of the sponsors to say they will support it for at least 20% of the cost. Cost is estimated for 6 shows at €600k.

After this then a quick 30 sec to 1 minute video to show to RTE, TV3, BBC to see if they will take it up.  Cost – €5,000.  Source ? You!