Opportunities available

Security app

This is one for Local and Central Governments. Demonstrations available. Do you want to improve the safety and security of the citizens in your towns and cities. Do you want to assist your first responders in their duties?

Up and running with over 8 million users this smart phone based app is ready for you to roll out in your city. No more sounding sirens from the 1940’s, no more panic at emergency call centres. Be able to communicate directly with those in the immediate vicinity of an incident, be it fire, road traffic, flash mobs or other incidents.


While walking through a vineyard we had a conversation with the owner about old barrels that have been used five times. We found they are used for furniture, which is nice but we also knew some craft whiskey makers that would rather like them. So a couple of emails and some photos and we have put two organisations together that will work out the details themselves and set up contracts etc. Simple, nice work that we enjoy. Having a bit of Spanish at the start of the conversation and during the initial conversations helped alot.

As well as Spanish, we can also work in German and French (plus English!) So if you have opportunities that you think we can make a match for you, give a shout.

Language on line

We are working with a largish school that has excellent face to face teaching and immersion curriculum in multiple locations. However it needs an on line aftercare programme to continue working with its students after they have returned home. As the school knows the pupils and their levels , as the school knows the curriculum and has the teachers it needs a platform for one on one and one to many continuing classes.

Dog Washing and Grooming

A new opportunity in this exciting and fast growing field. You will need approx 30 Sq m of space, water, electricity, broadband and of course a population of dog owners in your neighbourhood. This is a ready to go drop in product that is installed in your property . It is used by dog owners who come along to wash and groom their pets in a safe and secure environment. Outstanding profit potential and the opportunity to vend dog treats and accessories. Virtually un-manned and with low maintenance this is an attractive income generator.

Carbon Sequestration

We have partnered with some South American forestry owners. These are busy expanding their acerage using drones for mapping and planting. They are happy to work via long lease with EU farmers interested in sequestering the carbon produced back on their farms so they can move to a carbon neutral enterprise.

Of course there are many  ways of doing Carbon reduction at home on the farm. There is no one single magic bullet but many different management techniques will assist in reaching your target number.

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Funding sought for new TV series

A new TV series focussing on savings and the difficulties that people find in putting together a sum of money to fulfill or take a step in their life

Running in the style of the biggest losers and Home improvements the series will focus on the struggles and successes of 6 savers who are trying to build up their cash reserve

Typically this will be for a house, a flat, a car, a holiday, a cosmetic operation, a start up.

There will be a team of advisors including motivation people, accountants, HR advisor, a pushy boot camp person, a get rich quick advisor

Target is national and other TV.

Sponsors are banks, stock traders,  insurance companies, finance houses.

Needed: A letter from one of the sponsors to say they will support it for at least 20% of the cost. Cost is estimated for 6 shows at €600k.

After this then a quick 30 sec to 1 minute video to show to RTE, TV3, BBC to see if they will take it up.  Cost – €5,000.  Source ? You!