Corporate Ambassador

We started Corporate Ambassador in 2018 to seek out new opportunities from around the world for Irish businesses. We were successful and found many opportunities. However we also found that many people have lots of ideas (creators), some have ideas but other missing parts to commercialise them (innovators) , and some are ready to just add in new ideas, practices, products, services etc. (futurists). As a result we have reshaped our activities to represent this.

Our site is now partially behind a Patreon linked paywall. We feel this is the best way we can focus on our users and give them the services, information, tools and tips that they need to develop and grow both their business and their life. We lean heavily into some project management techniques, especially concerning soft skills that we all need now. We are also building community development skills online as the pandemic keeps us all working from anywhere.

We are also keen to assist individuals and corporates in the areas of remote work and of course relocation to rural settings away from cities. If you can work remotely, avail of tele-medicine, obtain education online then it has never been a better time to consider bringing your dream of living where you love to reality. If you want to know more or get in touch just send in form below.