5 Ways to Grow

Our future path is a journey that combines knowledge, skills, and experience. There are 5 ways that this can be encouraged to grow. Sometimes it is 8, or 7, we think 5 is enough to concentrate on.

So our life is a journey of growing where we turn our dreams into reality. These hopes and shapes should advance along the way as we age, as our skills and abilities grow, as we hit a patch of luck, and as our circumstances change.

Before we start a quick word on Corporate Ambassadors

As we followed our path we act for many corporate bodies and meet many people. Our original plan, which we still do, is to visit places and look for opportunities. You can find all these under our opportunities site.

As we traveled we kept on meeting people looking for help with their choices, both in life and in work. So we have tweaked out site to try to reflect what we know and what we think will be helpful. So back to the story

Sometimes the way ahead may seem daunting with a hill, but that is the journey.

Hill in distance to climb
Journey to the top of the hill

The contents of this site will look at a few aspects of life only. After all it is a long and complex road. They may be all for you, or some for you, or none for you. That is just how it is. We see five headings:

  • Project Management skills attainment
  • Delivering the projects we choose
  • Activities/ Hobbies
  • Community
  • Future trends

Projects and choice

Firstly we see Project management as the way that you can look at the work elements of your life. Call it gigs, tasks, or something else. It doesn’t matter. What it is, is a way to break life into realistic bits that you can work on to get to the next chunk, with all heading to a future goal. You can also use it for your life generally but that is probably too formal.

Secondly we divide projects into two sections, the skills to do them and the projects to be done.

We have taken the Covey squares and amended them for our structures. See our post about that here.

Covey squares are the basis for our 5 ways to grow
We start with this Covey square and modify it for our structure


Social non work activities and hobbies is an area where we find there is either too much or too little attention. Developing skills that satisfy you and help you add meaning to the world and your life are among the pleasures in the journey. As a result we look at regenerative gardening here taking information from the organic, permaculture and regenerative agriculture skill sets.


Our circle of connections is the next item on this list but perhaps one of the most important and satisfying. As a result it is with our colleagues in work and home that we grow, and where we gain experience. Work is not everything however. We also have other groups to which we belong. This network includes family, friends, neighbours, and those who are of like minds. As a result our community and networks fit in here and are part of who we are.

Carnival community
Colourful group at carnival community


The Future of the world moves as society implements new technologies and changes what it is. As our journey is in the future and therefore keeping a close eye on the future is important in shaping what an individual future will look like.

Your future too will move as you grow and change. Some want to move home, some dream of reaching rural and going back to the countryside to live. So many individuals and so many dreams.