June 2020

A quick review of what we did last month.

Due to the pandemic it was a bit hectic. Like changing the tyre on a car as it races down a motorway

So we – set up a chapter of Grow Remote and started to run events

  • added 35 new members to this from a standing start
  • took part in radio interview
  • offered many new talks to members on work related matters

-Started to work on new projects in

  • Montenegro and
  • Indonesia

Both of these are start ups and getting the initial team of the ground with two kick off meetings and a way of working agreed. On to the next step in July!

Closed out two project

One in South Africa where the start up is now running and has the framework to be sustainable. The pandemic is reducing the impact of its on site and face to face work but it has adapted to on line presence in the short term

The other in Spain is now wrapped up and the quality audit there is complete. An interesting interpretation of language appeared and has been sent up the chain for adjudication.

Free Project Management Course

Agile Project Management Course

We are please to inform our Patreon members of a free online course in Agile Project Management. Please rush to register, it is starting soon!!

Building stones of life
5 ways to grow

This is a top quality offering and one that we are confident will give you knowledge of skills needed to become a practicing Agile project manager.

We are so delighted with the offering that If you are not satisfied, we will refund your Patreon contribution! More details here.

Remote working is all about trust

“I don’t think of resilience as bouncing back. There is no ‘back.’ Clocks don’t go backwards. Calendars don’t go backwards. We’re moving forward. And the ability for people to move forward with hope is when you see resilience helping them bounce forward through that and then building trust. Every action, every decision you make throughout this crisis, is either going to build trust or degrade from it.”
— Eric McNulty, associate director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, 

Trust is vital part of remote work

Every survey we read speaks to the issue of trust in relationships. When employees are remote then the ability to stand behind them and watch them is gone. No harm. But we have to replace it with trust. Managers and employees need to trust each other

Trust is hard to build and easy to break. Yet it is vital for the future. Being trustworthy is a key part of 5 ways to grow. Being trustworthy while working on projects becomes a currency for managers and team members alike.

The Pitch Canvas, helping creators become innovators

The Pitch canvas, designed by the Best Three minutes is one of the ways to organise your thoughts. It is designed to help you structure a pitch. A pitch is a way to get funding or support for your idea to turn it into a start up. A start up is a temporary organisation.

We find it useful to help people with ideas, (Creators) move to people developing those ideas (Innovators). It is a step by step series of questions that you ask about the role of the product or service that you want to bring to life.

The most important thing as we go through the 5 ways to grow is that you are able to answer the question: “How are we essential?”

By working with us at Patreon level innovators we hope to be able to walk with you as you make your best life and dreams come true.

Wexford Chapter of Grow Remote Community

Are you working in County Wexford, Ireland as a remote worker? We are setting up a chapter here of grow remote. Do you sometimes wish to meet up and chat to others working the same way? Do you like to hear about tools, techniques and tips for this way of working. Or just have a bit of banter with a community with remote working as the common denominator. Jump in, read a bit here about what grow remote is as an organisation and then contact us for more!

Working remotely

The County Wexford branch is hosted on the ChangeX platform and it is really lonely at the moment with just me as a member. Jump to the site and join. It costs nothing, you can bail at any time. But being in at the start is exciting. So come along and be in at the start of our new community here in Wexford .

Some tips on companion planting and gardening

As our innovator level Patreon subscribers know, we believe in a balanced life. We love companions, be they animals or people. We enjoy the concept of companion gardening where three or more plants are put together to benefit each other. In the Americas, it was generally a ground cover plant to keep out weeds and make some mulch, a N fixing plant to add natural protein for the plant and, finally a taller species that will provide shade, shelter, and a growing structure to get the plants into the light.

We love the regenerative nature of these ideas. They make us happy that they eliminate the need for weedkillers and pest killers. Plus we think there is some soil regenerative actions in there. We are crazy about regenerative gardening, food forests and that style of growing with nature in a holistic way.

As we get lots of communications from many places we found these three links here that might help you, now that planting time in the northern hemisphere is here. We will publish more.

Link 1 is about companion planting.

Link 2 is a little older but again speaks to companion planting in gardens

Link 3 is more recent and is about windowsill gardening as companions for us and for those of us without much space.

Project Management and the Adaptive Frontier

Today we publish our second paper in the series on this for our Patreon creative level subscriber. The adaptive frontier is interpreted in terms of project management. Position Q is also looked at from a scenario point of view

growing to meet complexity
some areas of life make us sit down but this too is taking action

In this we look at Position Q and the impact on a traditional construction company. We explore the opportunities and reasons why they may have failed. This is a metaphor for how to live ones life. It is one of the pillars of 5 ways to grow.

Why do you need 5 Ways to Grow

This question , why do you need 5 ways to grow? What is in it for you? What are you signing up for? Reasonable question. Why always is a powerful word and can help discover many answers.

Using 5 ways to grow to help you make that big decision
The biggest decision?

This post will consider one of the questions that life asks you to answer, but an important one. We find that people follow the 5 ways to grow as they have ideas, they have dreams but do not have the skills and abilities to reach them. But it is clear that first we need a dream. That is what we mean by creator. A person with an idea, with a dream. Someone committed to following that is, in our view, an innovator. An innovator is someone who has prepared and is taking the steps. The steps we think involve following a project management system. As you do you acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities. These competencies and capabilities will help you in all parts of your life.

So today we will speak to the biggest decision you will probably ever make. The decision where to live and more importantly, where to buy- a property to call home. The possible answers to this question has changed in the last 5 years. There have been dramatic changes. The first we will speak about in this post is the ‘where’. The choice has completely widened and we think, this is for the better. We dig more into this for our Patreon subscribers.

So let us take an article in April 2020 published by the Irish Times. The article is one in a series comparing prices of property in rural Ireland (in this case, Wexford) vs Dublin. This sometimes compares properties in Ireland with France or Thailand, but here we are just going to take one example within Ireland.

45 m property in Dublin €235k.
42 m2 Flat in clifden Road, Dublin 7

The reason for this is that we are working on the basis that you have made the first decision, I want to work and live my best life in Ireland. We will assume that you have gone through the Project management steps to reach this decision and have looked at all the risks and rewards for doing so.

So this article is useful for the purpose of looking deeper into the question, where in Ireland. Of course, in the scheme of things, you may have reached the Ireland part of the decision as an emotional decision. We hope so as it should be an emotional decision. Having made it, you need to tick all the boxes to execute that decision. This is again where the PM structure will help you.

But looking at the options of Wexford vs. Dublin. You can see above the 42m2 apartment in D7 for €235,000. The picture below shows a detached property of 150 m2 in Wexford with views on 0.2 Ha. Again for €235,000.

150 m property in Wexford €235k
Detached house in Wexford €235K

But, and here is the but: one is in the middle of a city and one is in the middle of the country. Since the arrival of Covid-19 the old arguments about needing to live near work , schools and health care are more or less gone for a large % of the working population. Remote work, e- learning, and tele-medicine have moved to the forefront. These parts of your life can now be managed from nearly anywhere. But what has not moved is leisure, friends, community, and activities. So there is a trade off.

It is our view that these huge house price discrepancies in sales value per sq. m, will change in the future. If many people look at the options and choose to move to where they love then that will regenerate rural communities and create opportunities for people who work hands on and need people to survive in their business. This will lead to more demand for property and this will of course put prices up.

So that is a main cornerstone now in the where to live decision. The old ways of making this decision are probably gone. You need to spend time considering carefully, ‘where?’. To help in this there are many information sources regarding activities in locations. Here is one for County Wexford and there are others also. Look at these and add the information into your where to live project and decisions.

Where you live is one of the most important decisions that you will make. The main reason being is that it is one of the hardest decisions to change. To sell a property takes a great deal of time. It is regarded as a fairly illiquid asset. Sales cycles can be short at 6 months or longer. It can take decades to sell a property. But if you are inclined to choose country over city, then all our other sections on regenerative gardening will keep you really busy!