Dog Washing and Grooming

An interesting and simple product. Fits into a retail space of about 25 Sq M. Needs electricity and water. Can be set up with Cameras and access to be unmanned. Good potential for profits and requires minimal maintenance. Opportunity for vending of dog snacks and accessories. Contact us.

Security personal and property

Ok, an app, what else? Developed in South America with over 8 million users.

Paid for by central and or local government, why- because it improves the security and safety of citizens.

Used by the first responders and by the citizens.

Records in a social media style incidents of suspicion, actual happenings like Road traffic accidents, fires, break ins.

Sends alerts to First repsonders and citizens in immediate affected area to warn and advise of incidents.


Up and running in South America in Spanish and English. Ready to deploy in Europe and indeed further afield. Contact us for more!

Smart Rural

So what is it? It’s big, complicated and will be hugely helpful to people living in the countryside both now and in the future.

It is only beginning. Our purpose is to try to bring as much of this exciting new ideas and activities to Ireland and the UK.

We are talking with organisations in Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Scotland. We hope that these contacts will grow and grow.

Our first presentation at an International Symposium will be in September 2019,

In the meantime we are developing case studies and an overarching programme of projects and reaching out to stakeholders in the country side to talk to us and join in.

It’s going to be an exciting journey! Smart Rural- A better way of life.




Great visit to the SEAI in dublin in mid April 2018.   It is so nice to meet Irish business people seeking overseas opportunities for their business development. We expect to add in a couple of these companies to our Central America visit this Autumn. They love the business model and getting a scout on the ground in such a market is well worth the small financial investment! We know that there will be plenty of opportunities and look forward to bringing back new business to Ireland

4 Game changers in Property

So what a fast moving world we are seeing now in the property sector. . Watch for huge changes here. There are so many movers and shakers here, each trying to be be the one to disrupt this industry.  Some wil succeed. No old business models are safe as knowledge, technology, and lean and agile management take hold.

We are watching 4 companies at the moment who have all received major funding to drive the space they are in to a disruptive place.

These are WeWork, now the largest office owner in New York. The company has gone to market looking to sell a $500m bond. It released some eye watering figures in its pitch:  220,000 users, 255,000 desks in 20 countries, revenue per person of just under $7,000. They commited to pay over $5billion in rent by

Lemonade- seeking to disrupt the hundreds of years old home insurance business. They also ahve just announced a signup with Roomi.

Open Door- What is this model about?? They are buying, buying, buying.

Katerra- a new development company with huge ideas. Buy your home directly from the people that built it.  The roofers, blockies, window fitters. carpetners, plumbers, sparks, painters , kitchen makers , designers, enginners, etc etc.  all on technology to speedup development and reduce waste.  Lean mean cosntruction driven by the diverse really skillful teams.