Update September 2020

So it has been a while, but we have been busy, thats our only excuse. Ireland came out of lockdown and we had a backlog of projects, connections, and products to get in place.

At the moment we are working on a property backed investment in Wexford town. We also have a couple of community groups that we are working with. This is a really interesting area. How to build communities of people on line. It is similar to building communities of customers but very different.

Growing global communities of practice in Project Management

We have a couple of corporate organisations in this space and are looking out for community managers with good understanding of how to build on line communities.

Our travel is restricted as you can imagine so we are staying in corridors in Europe, mainly Italy, Germany, France and Austria.

We are so glad we have all our contacts working in other parts of the world. A really exciting and potential unicorn has crossed our desks from Canada. We will do all we can to land that into Ireland and especially Wexford.

In the meantime please feel free to contact us.

June 2020

A quick review of what we did last month.

Due to the pandemic it was a bit hectic. Like changing the tyre on a car as it races down a motorway

So we – set up a chapter of Grow Remote and started to run events

  • added 35 new members to this from a standing start
  • took part in radio interview
  • offered many new talks to members on work related matters

-Started to work on new projects in

  • Montenegro and
  • Indonesia

Both of these are start ups and getting the initial team of the ground with two kick off meetings and a way of working agreed. On to the next step in July!

Closed out two project

One in South Africa where the start up is now running and has the framework to be sustainable. The pandemic is reducing the impact of its on site and face to face work but it has adapted to on line presence in the short term

The other in Spain is now wrapped up and the quality audit there is complete. An interesting interpretation of language appeared and has been sent up the chain for adjudication.

5 Ways to Grow

Our basic thoughts on what we need to do are simple. We outline them also here.

Every one needs to continue to learn to develop their skills and abilities. We fundamentally believe that most work will develop some sort of a Project Management structure.

We know that one cannot live completely on work as a holistic life style. Other parts are needed, but are not always possible. We select one in our plans, which is one that we believe will be good for you, your family, and will be good for the planet. This is regenerative gardening. It is easy enough and can be from a few pots, to a back yard, to a 1 acre plot. The principles of regeneration give us a link to our Planet.

So we have adapted the Covey square to fit our needs and to describe the differences we see in our 3 levels on Patreon.

It is pretty self explanatory:

Creator level is the groups full of ideas but not skilled (yet) in developing them or in the skills of PM to be able to do this.

Innovators can have skills in one of the two main attributes, either in developing ideas or in Project management

The Futurists have both sets of skills and are ready to align these with the future they see for themselves and for the world. This is the zone where you have pulled together and are prepared to really back yourself in self employment of senior roles earning senior money!

Future Opportunities: Recent quote


“Diversity and inclusion is not only our society’s biggest challenge, it’s our society’s biggest opportunity. If we figure this out, the economic prosperity that we will all achieve, in the sense of fairness and decency across all of our people in our communities, will be amazing. We can’t solve this by ourselves. … If we come together, and we all solve this issue, we all prosper, and we do the right thing. And from my perspective, this is the biggest opportunity we have to drive even more economic prosperity in our country.”
— Tim Ryan, U.S. chairman and senior partner of PwC, 
in the Three Big Points episode “The CEO’s Problem to Solve

IRL (Irish Rural Link) Climate change

The excellent organisation held a well attended conference on Rural Ireland and what it can do about climate change in Athlone on May 27, 2019. This is a subject close to our heart and it concerns so much about making a difference and giving back to the community.

A great review of lots of projects underway, lots of understanding of the extent of the problem. a nice presentation by Mr. Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner about what might be available in terms of financial supports down the road.

A very diverse group of attendees and all on the days when the ‘green swing’ in the EU parliament elections were being noticed and new MEP’s were being elected.

One small critique, no great call to action , from the speakers. The organisation itself is calling for a climate summit of all parties in Ireland to try to get behind some common goals. From there plans can be made.

Some key takeaways for us.. Electricity de-carbonisation is not in the hands of the Irish Government but is being managed by EU.

Our main (our being Irish Government and citizens) action zones are in transport and agriculture. That is where the changes must occur.

Ireland is the worst in Europe at de-carbonising its economy. We produce more tonnes of CO2 per head than most of our European colleagues.

Some disturbing thoughts. But we are an inventive people and will find a way to get in front of the pack and lead!