Some tips on companion planting and gardening

As our innovator level Patreon subscribers know, we believe in a balanced life. We love companions, be they animals or people. We enjoy the concept of companion gardening where three or more plants are put together to benefit each other. In the Americas, it was generally a ground cover plant to keep out weeds and make some mulch, a N fixing plant to add natural protein for the plant and, finally a taller species that will provide shade, shelter, and a growing structure to get the plants into the light.

We love the regenerative nature of these ideas. They make us happy that they eliminate the need for weedkillers and pest killers. Plus we think there is some soil regenerative actions in there. We are crazy about regenerative gardening, food forests and that style of growing with nature in a holistic way.

As we get lots of communications from many places we found these three links here that might help you, now that planting time in the northern hemisphere is here. We will publish more.

Link 1 is about companion planting.

Link 2 is a little older but again speaks to companion planting in gardens

Link 3 is more recent and is about windowsill gardening as companions for us and for those of us without much space.

5 Ways to Grow

Our basic thoughts on what we need to do are simple. We outline them also here.

Every one needs to continue to learn to develop their skills and abilities. We fundamentally believe that most work will develop some sort of a Project Management structure.

We know that one cannot live completely on work as a holistic life style. Other parts are needed, but are not always possible. We select one in our plans, which is one that we believe will be good for you, your family, and will be good for the planet. This is regenerative gardening. It is easy enough and can be from a few pots, to a back yard, to a 1 acre plot. The principles of regeneration give us a link to our Planet.

So we have adapted the Covey square to fit our needs and to describe the differences we see in our 3 levels on Patreon.

It is pretty self explanatory:

Creator level is the groups full of ideas but not skilled (yet) in developing them or in the skills of PM to be able to do this.

Innovators can have skills in one of the two main attributes, either in developing ideas or in Project management

The Futurists have both sets of skills and are ready to align these with the future they see for themselves and for the world. This is the zone where you have pulled together and are prepared to really back yourself in self employment of senior roles earning senior money!

Permaculture Garden

Here is a link to a you tube video to revisit a lovely couple, Brett and Nicki, in Australia. They are making a go of their permaculture life on their 1 acre, yes, 1 acre, farm. The drought has affected them, not to mention fires, but they are adapting.

Some key takeaways

  • At the start learn what you can do
  • Do what you can do
  • take action
  • keep learning and doing what you can
Food forest permaculture
Food forest permaculture

The Permaculture philosophy of layers, of symbiosis, of mutual support is a model that keeps on giving to us in our life. It is a direct route to regeneration. To us it is an example of an interest outside of work and projects that is one of the 5 ways to grow.

To us, the size of this farm at 1 acre is outside what most of us can achieve. However the philosophy and practice that is required to manage this, even on a veranda, is one that is full of learning.

Our Patreon innovator level is where we explore and inform of the links and relationships that help you to get your life moving. It is a part of development in our 5 ways to grow.