How do we see the future of communities, Will they stay in ever growing cities. Do mega cities proliferate? Do we all want to live in cities. What happens to the countryside. Does it end up with completely empty villages as in France Italy and Spain. Is this good?

Project Management

The future here will constantly change. It has to , that is the nature of projects, They are about change. Implementing change in organisations. The future at the moment is being defined by Agile. Not only agile projects but agile companies, agile ways of working. This is not unexpected. AS many many companies seek to disrupt the existing business models , then it is clear that a new way of delivering this was required.

Project manager have adapted to the situation where money itself is not the measureable criteria, it is not the KPI (bring it in on budget) but rather the aim is to fast track delivery of a working model to the customer. Speed and functionality allow the clients that pay to decide if that is what they want and allows for faster fine tuning.

It was to be expected. As products are unknown, then it is required to produce something and then build or bin it from there.

a possible future megacity?

5 ways to grow

The future is still about growth. We need to grow in a more holistic way. The results of pandemics tell us that we have other interests outside of consuming, outside of working, outside of commuting.

We now know that pandemics will continue to occur, leading us to completely change our way of working. This in itself will lead to a change of living locations. Why live near work if work is in the next room?

drones in precision agriculture

Technology like 5g, robotics, automation of process, AI

Artificial intelligence, smart applications, routine process automation. These will all create changes in the way we work. The so called work 4.0. Add into the mix the spread of 5G, the development and deployment of sensors in all aspects of the physical environment leads the future in a completely new way and to new places.

Employers are asking why hire geographically when it is possible to hire specific people with key demonstrated abilities and skills.

Robots replace so many repetitive tasks

Lifestyles, hobbies

With the changes in the world of work , we may develop more time for hobbies,. We can chose to live in communities where we are with like minded people rather than live in cities because work is there.

The needs of education are being solved every day where remote teachers with some adult input are able to train and educate the younger and interested generations.

Tele medicine is also going through a revolution with Doctors and other medical staff routinely working on line to talk to patients, Property management of data will allow for much more intelligent use of medicines in treatment. The ideal however will be that medicine becomes about wellness and not illness.

Health care professionals working remotely

The future is exciting, it is fast changing, the upheaval of the world from the corona virus will accelerate the changes. No more will we seek to slowly adapt. Priorities will change as borders and wealth prove no protection to a simple virus. Health. like minded communities and family groups will become part of the future