June 2020

A quick review of what we did last month.

Due to the pandemic it was a bit hectic. Like changing the tyre on a car as it races down a motorway

So we – set up a chapter of Grow Remote and started to run events

  • added 35 new members to this from a standing start
  • took part in radio interview
  • offered many new talks to members on work related matters

-Started to work on new projects in

  • Montenegro and
  • Indonesia

Both of these are start ups and getting the initial team of the ground with two kick off meetings and a way of working agreed. On to the next step in July!

Closed out two project

One in South Africa where the start up is now running and has the framework to be sustainable. The pandemic is reducing the impact of its on site and face to face work but it has adapted to on line presence in the short term

The other in Spain is now wrapped up and the quality audit there is complete. An interesting interpretation of language appeared and has been sent up the chain for adjudication.