Sports and #smartrural

Another scenario that happens in country towns and villages. The local school and sports clubs work for many years with the children bringing them to the joys of team and individual sports, discovering the skills and abilities in each one. These are tough voluntary roles for members of the communities but ones that bring great joy.
We know that as the call of the city for education and opportunites gets louder as the young man or woman reaches that stage of their life, their love of sport may fall by the wayside. They may simply not be familiar with the new clubs where they set up their home, they may be busyin other
areas. How great it could be if the sports could continue into the future and they could still keep their identity with old teammates. A virtual team is becoming more and more real. A team where training and practice could continue virtually with regular physical meet ups to hone the skills.
Bike riders can now cycle practically any challenge in the world on a stationary bike using imagery and electronics. Surgeons can operate on patients at a distance of thousands of kms.
Even better education and work are changing. OVer 40% of employers realise that remote working is here. Education is constantly becoming virtual with more and more on line courses. Home schooling is a growing business that with proper support and connectivity can allow people to remain in their communities for longer.
As our cities grow and grow they become more and more unpleasant on many levels. Every effort to build #smartrural can help to minimise this and provide real life and community in the countryside.