Project Management and Growth

Firstly we are dividing this into two sections

  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Developing Skills and abilities

Acquiring knowledge

First item on the agenda is to have knowledge. so what is that? A vocabulary is knowledge. By knowing the rules of the road and what signs mean you show knowledge. By knowing that some plants can grow together, and knowing that there are houses for sale in the countryside. These are all things that we know as we grow. It is true that everyone knows something. We tend to learn stuff to gain knowledge. So schools, courses, reading, and training is how we acquire knowledge.

Project Management knowledge

In the case of projects there is also a language. This is the second item on the agenda of growth. It speaks about the what of projects, the scope, it speaks about time, cost, quality and many other technical matters. Learning this is not difficult. It takes some time and one will never learn everything as some aspects have become very detailed, (compare critical chain to critical path) and are frankly off putting to many except specialists.

Project skills and abilities

Here we talk about the skills you have to deliver projects that you chose to work upon. Choice is a key word here and gaining increased ability to choose is a sign of maturity and growth. Sometimes we are in a comfort zone, a space where we can choose what we do and nearly do it in our sleep. Are we still growing? Are we heading to our life dreams?

Skills and abilities come with practice