Permaculture Garden

Here is a link to a you tube video to revisit a lovely couple, Brett and Nicki, in Australia. They are making a go of their permaculture life on their 1 acre, yes, 1 acre, farm. The drought has affected them, not to mention fires, but they are adapting.

Some key takeaways

  • At the start learn what you can do
  • Do what you can do
  • take action
  • keep learning and doing what you can
Food forest permaculture
Food forest permaculture

The Permaculture philosophy of layers, of symbiosis, of mutual support is a model that keeps on giving to us in our life. It is a direct route to regeneration. To us it is an example of an interest outside of work and projects that is one of the 5 ways to grow.

To us, the size of this farm at 1 acre is outside what most of us can achieve. However the philosophy and practice that is required to manage this, even on a veranda, is one that is full of learning.

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